Making of “The palace girl” from “Arabian nights”

About a month ago..there was this contest entitled “Arabian nights-character design”..that was absolutely another challenge i couldn`t resist,So i was to read the stories again as its been ages since the last time i`ve read any of them,and i have chosen my character

two..actually,but i`ll talk here only about one of them that i liked the most,The palace girl
i was so in love with this character from the story of the porter and the ladies

the story is about a poor porter that carries the groceries to a mysterious lady`s palace..and when he reaches the palace he`s enchanted by the beauty of this girl that opens the door,and later he finds out that there are more mysteries and untold stories behind that palace.


Modelling of the character was done in ZBrush and 3DSMAX,Took about 35 hours to finish”Yeah,Hell of a hard work,but i enjoyed it”

And as usual,more pictures and a turnable in the”3D gallery” & “Animation” sections  😉



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