The new challenge: ArenaNet test character

Few days ago,i found this AD online..Stating that ArenaNet studio”Famous videogames studio behind Guild wars&Guild wars2″ is accepting applications for the class of 2013 internship

Well,i wanted to apply so bad ..but i`m not yet good enough for video games modelling,i can definitely do a good high res poly modelling on Zbrush,the problem is the low res poly modelling

in order to become a good 3d artist in the video games industry you must have the ability to recreate a low-res mesh from the Hi res model and create the maps that gives the look of a high res model,Which i`m still not able to do as there`s no specific place for courses for games modelling here in Egypt,so i still have to struggle with what i can find online.

Yet,the challenge of modelling the character out from a scratch was irresistible,they really provided an outstanding concept art and i couldn`t resist,and i`m kinda satisfied with how the model looked in the end.

So here is the result:the final rendered model shots and a turnable in the “Animation” section.

Cheers 🙂

ArenaNet test character


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