Egyptian Revolution and Artists.

So the new year arrives..and as Egypt is being consumed by its recent critical economical and political state..i had this feeling that i have to do something and maybe this is the time to go after an old dream.

since the 25th of January..the Egyptians have gone through a lot of pain and suffering..they`ve witnessed tens of massacres and have seen lots of young people die,many of them have shared them the glorious joy of the 11th of February 2011,and now there`s this critical economical condition and the skyrocketing rates of unemployment.

Its fair to say that now a lot of people are starting to lose faith in their revolution.

so here`s the question..does an artist have a responsibility?and if he does what is it that he should do?

the answer in my humble opinion is YES!not just that an artist has a responsibility ..but in fact..He has the GREATEST responsibility on his shoulders,and it is that he must make people believe again in what they have lost their faith in…

You can say that since the 25th of January..Art has really blossomed in Egypt..Graffiti,Comic books,Photography,Music,EVERYTHING

Mohammed Mahmoud Street is a living example,it`s this street that became one of the icons of the revolution..the great work of art on its walls is nothing but a living proof that art is born from the ashes of 25th of january,the walls are painted with the pictures of the martyrs of the revolution.

So in a nutshell..i can say that i believe more in artists than politicians,as all the politicians do is give promises they don`t keep..while an artist shows the people what they can achieve..

So dear artists out there,thank you for what you`re doing and please keep doing it 🙂

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